Since dog food containers aren’t necessarily something everyone knows they need, it’s only natural to have some questions. Here we have answered four of the most common questions about dog food containers!

Are plastic dog food containers safe? Yes, but not all of them. Some plastic is not approved for food storage, and contains chemicals that are harmful to your dog. The plastic used to make dog food containers should be BPA free and in compliance with FDA standards. When choosing a BPA free container, make sure to look for something that states that the plastic used in it is safe. If you are unsure, don’t be hesitant to reach out to the manufacturer for clarification.

How long does dry dog food last? Once it is opened, dog food should ideally be eaten within six weeks. Storing in an airtight pet-food-container will help to slow the process of the food going bad, but it’s still a good idea to be mindful of the expiration date on the bag, as that is the point at which the preservatives will disintegrate and the food will begin to rot. Unopened food can last between 2 and 6 months, but even an unopened bag is not safe from abiding by the “use by” date. This is the most important indicator of how much time is left before dry dog food will go bad.

How many pounds of dog food are in a gallon? There is no hard and fast rule as to how many pounds of dog food will fit into a gallon since dry dog foods come in all different sizes and densities. The best way to get a definitive answer to this question is to perform an experiment with your dog’s specific brand of food. For estimation purposes, you can take a look at this chart and decide which item is closest in size to your dog’s food. For example, if you think your dog’s kibble is comparable in size to macaroni, then about 4 pounds per gallon is a safe estimate.

Can you vacuum seal dog food? Sure, but only in small amounts. If you have the time and patience to vacuum seal individual servings of dry dog food, then you will be able to prevent moisture from creeping into your dog’s kibble. If you’d rather take care of the whole bag in one step, a large airtight container is a better option. Learn more about how to select the pet food container on the Pet Food Container Supplier here: